School Bus Ridership Program

Grade 1 to 3

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Safely on Board will contact the Principal of each school to set up a mutually agreeable time-table. Each group will consist of 20 to 60 students (one to three classrooms). We will work on the individual schools time-table, respecting recess and lunch breaks.

The program for this grade group is presented onboard and around a School Bus. The School Bus shall be parked in a safe location near the school, where there is about 5 metres of clear space around the entire bus.

The students meet outside in front of the School Bus. It is necessary to have the teachers and teacher's aids accompany the students out to the bus. Parents are also welcome to attend the program.



The importance of staying away from the School Bus and "Danger Zone" is discussed. The students walk around the "Danger Zone" of the School Bus. Proper loading and unloading is discussed along with examples of safe locations to wait for the School Bus.

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A safe crossing* technique is demonstrated. Once inside proper conduct is discussed at an age appropriate level. One of Safely on Board's puppets makes an appearance to reinforce some of the safety rules of the School Bus.

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All on-board emergency equipment is pointed out to the students and the teachers. Emergency exits are pointed out, and their proper operation is discussed and demonstrated. Instruction is provided on how and when to carry out emergency evacuations. The program ends with a rear-door emergency evacuation drill.


Safely on Board requires approximately 45 to 50 minutes for each group. This time is divided into three segments the first 5-10 minute segment is conducted outside around the School Bus. The second segment is completed on board the bus (25-30 minute) for general on-board safety rules and emergency equipment demonstrations. The remaining 5-10 minutes is allocated for an emergency evacuation drill. This time may vary due to the number of students participating.

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Underlying Philosophy

It is important to note that of all School Bus safety related mishaps, there is a higher rate involving students under the age of 7 than any other age group. Safely on Board is pleased to offer this interactive safety program to your school. It is the goal of this program to start these young students off on the right foot.

*Note: Crossing in front of the School Bus is not permitted in some School Divisions. Where this is the case crossing in front is not discussed.


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