School Bus Ridership Program

Grade 4 to 6




Safely on Board will contact the each Schools' Principal to explain the basics of the program and to gather information about the school:

-time table

-number of classes of each grade

-number of students in each class

Each group will consist of 25 to 65 students.

This program is divided into two segments:

- Outside around the bus

- On board the School Bus

It is necessary to have the teachers accompany the students out to the bus. Parents and school bus drivers and local media are also welcome to attend the program.



Outside the bus

The importance of staying away from the School Bus and "Danger Zone " is discussed. Proper loading and unloading is reviewed along with examples of safe locations to wait for the School Bus. The safe crossing technique is taught along with how to assist younger students to cross.


Emergency equipment is pointed out. The three common types of evacuations are explored, each emergency exits is demonstrated. The program ends with a rear-door emergency evacuation drill.


Inside the bus

Once inside proper conduct is discussed at an age appropriate level. Stories and examples are used to explain the dangers of disobeying the School Bus safety rules. A lively misinformed puppet puts the student's knowledge to the test through a series of humours antinodes. A few on board games will enlighten the students to why certain rules are necessary.


Emergency equipment is pointed out, and their proper operation is discussed. Students will be given an opportunity to open the emergency exits. The three common types of evacuations are explored. Instruction is provided on how and when to carry out an emergency evacuation. Discussion and examples are given to this group on what they can do to assist the driver in and emergency.


The program ends with a rear-door emergency evacuation drill.


We will work according to each individual schools time-table, respecting recess and lunch breaks. Safely on board requires 60 to 70 minute to complete this program.

-20 minutes outside the school bus

-30 minutes on board the school bus

-10 minutes for the School Bus evacuation drill


This time may vary due to the number of students participating.

Underlying Philosophy

On many School Buses this is the oldest group on-board. This may be the last formal bus safety instruction this group participates in, although it will not be the last time they travel on a School Bus. Safely on Board takes the approach that this group can greatly assist the driver in an emergency if they are properly instructed. We are pleased to offer this interactive safety program to your school.

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