School Bus Ridership Program

Jr and Sr High

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Safely on Board will contact the Principal of each School to explain the basics of the program and to gather information about the school:

v  time table

v  number of classes of each grade

v  number of students in each class


Each group will consist of 20 to 45 students (one to two classrooms). This program is divided into two 30 minute segments:

v  in the classroom

v  on board the School Bus


It is necessary to have the teachers and teacher's aids accompany the students out to the bus. Parents and school bus drivers are also welcome to attend the program.


Buzzer Board

After a brief introduction to the Safely on Board program, the students will participate in a game show style quiz. The buzzer board is equipped with lights and sound to give the students a real game show experience. Students will be divided into four teams. Each student will have the opportunity to answer a skill testing school bus safety question as well as participate in team questions.


Mock Disaster Game

The instructor will set up a scenario of a School Bus disaster. Each student will be given a "Life Card" representing their life and a role card. The role card outlines who they are and how they should act during the disaster as well as if they were injured.


The students will then move out to the secured School Bus. Students will be encouraged to act out their role as explained on their individual role card. Accommodations for special needs students should be put in place in advance. Teachers are requested to participate in the mock disaster to assist with the on-board conduct of the students.


After one or two minutes the instructor will stop the drill. The "Life Card" will be collected from any students who have remained on board the bus. Any students who have exited the school bus will retain their "Life Card".



All students will re-board the bus and the mock disaster will be evaluated; an in-depth discussion as to why some students were unable to evacuate the School Bus.


The instructor will teach proper emergency protocol. Thus, providing the students the necessary information as to how a real emergency evacuation should be conducted.


The program ends with a controlled rear-door emergency evacuation drill. Upon exiting the school bus students will be asked to go to a safe spot at least 35 metres away from the school bus. Once there the students will be instructed to locate the students who were seated near or beside them. This will assist the driver to insure that every passenger on board has safely exited the school bus.

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Safely on board requires at least 60 minutes for each group. The time will be divided into two 30 minute segments. The first segment is in the classroom then moving out to the School Bus for the mock disaster. Individual school timetables will dictate the duration of the program. The program will be amended to adjust to individual school time tables.

Underlying Philosophy

On many School Buses this is the oldest group on-board. This may be the only formal bus safety instruction this group participates in, although it will not be the last time they travel on a School Bus. Safely on Board takes the approach that this group can greatly assist the driver in an emergency, if they are properly instructed. We are pleased to offer this interactive safety program to your school.


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