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The following components can be mixed and matched in any combination to create a School Bus Driver Program according to the requirements of the client and the time available. All components are intended to be completed at the Clients premises and the Client will provide certain equipment such as Training room, Overhead Projector, TV/VCR, School Bus, First Aid Kits, etc as required.

Bus Driver Improvement Program

This program is geared to the new, inexperienced driver. We will explore workable solutions to everyday student misbehaviour. All elements of emergency evacuations and protocol will be discussed. Drivers will probe misconceptions around crossover mirrors and gain an understanding of the Advance warning Triangles placement. Basic Defensive driving will be covered. Drivers will be encouraged to participate in an in bus driving session.

School Bus Driver Improvement Program Refresher

This seminar is designed for drivers who have been driving for a while. Drivers attending this program will be informed about new and improved safety procedures. Their knowledge of standard school bus safety procedures will be challenged and renewed. Drivers will be encouraged to participate in an in bus driving session, which will identify bad driving habits.

Mobility Impaired & Special Needs Student Transport

This session is designed for special needs and wheelchair assessable bus drivers. It will provide a forum for discussion of the special concerns related to these buses and the students who travel on them. Drivers attending this session will explore modified behaviour management and emergency evacuation techniques suitable for individual students.

Empowering the School Bus Driver to Teach

The goal of this session is to teach drivers about teaching students. School bus drivers are excellent at safely manoeuvring the bus but may not be as effective when it comes to teaching students. Learn what drivers should be teaching students. Get an insight into the standard rules of discipline on a school bus. Basic teaching principles and learning concepts will be explored. Empower the average driver to teach more effectively and promote consistency throughout the school division

School Bus Ridership for Drivers

This session is a companion to the School Bus Ridership Program that is presented to students. School Bus Drivers who attend this session will gain an understanding of what could be expected of students who have received the School Bus Ridership Program.

This program follows the provincial "S" endorsement guidelines.

The goal of this Session is to inform School Bus Drivers of reasonable expectations for Student behaviour while on board.

This session will also provide a forum for discussion and discovery of Drivers' responsibilities towards the teaching of Students.


The School Bus Ridership Program is designed to teach the students in Kindergarten to grade 12 about their responsibilities on board and around a School Bus.

Student Management

In this session the Drivers will explore what it means to be an Assertive Driver. The differences between punishment and discipline will be discussed, along with creative and innovative techniques to tackle difficulties and manage students' behaviour. We will explore workable solutions to everyday behaviour problems. Drivers who attend this session will acquire a better understanding of how students' perceive the world around them. Participants will be encouraged to share their problems and concerns from their own daily experience. Practical solutions will be investigated.

School Bus Safety -The Hazard Hunt

This session promises to comprise a lively discussion of common School Bus safety hazards and ways and means of avoiding them.


Playing the "Hazard Hunt game will facilitate the discussion.


The Hazard Hunt is based on picking out the Hazards (in and around School Buses) in a short slide presentation.

Mirror Adjustment

This session will probe misconceptions around crossover mirrors. It will inform drivers of what should and should not be visible in each of the mirrors on a standard school bus. We will discuss proper mirror adjustment and maintenance required to ensure correct visibility around the bus. The benefits of properly adjusted mirrors will be discussed. Limitations of mirror usage around the bus and the danger zone will be investigated. A grid will be laid out around a school bus and time allotted for each driver to examine the view and range required from of each mirror.

School Bus First Aid Kits

This workshop will look at what is considered a fully stocked first aid kit. A hands-on practical approach will assist drivers to quickly locate items in the event of an emergency.

Participants will endeavour to identify first aid kit items and become familiar with what each item looks like and possible uses. In the event of an emergency a full working knowledge of supplies on hand will save lives.

Advance Warning Triangles

This session will strive to take the confusion out of the proper placement for these devices. Drivers will gain a greater understanding of the necessity for placing the Advance warning Triangles out in a timely manner


Hazard Markers Poor Vis Curve

Emergency Procedures for Drivers

This in-service will encompass all emergency equipment on a school bus. This session is geared to assist School Bus Drivers to identify when it is necessary to evacuate the School Bus. Different types of Emergency Evacuations will be evaluated. An in-depth explanation will be given on how to teach emergency evacuation procedures to students of all ages. We will examine how older students can be utilised during an emergency evacuation and which duties can be delegated to By-Standers or Teachers.


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